Sup yall, on this trip Dress Kanz and Throb went on a weekend getaway to sit in some hot springs out in the Imperial Valley. First we stopped at Slab City Hot Springs out in Niland. We went to Salvation Mountain and stomped around a bit before we soaked. The water temperature was pretty hot so we only went in for a few minutes then soaked our feet for a couple hours.

Next we went to Five Palm Hot Spring out near Brawley. We got in around 5pm and soaked till 8pm. The water temperature was around 97 degrees. We shared the springs with a bunch of frogs. After sunset the bats came out of the palm trees and fed on the bugs flying around. We camped near the springs and woke up early and soaked again before heading to Holtville.
Out at Holtville we soaked for a few hours then drove around the desert and got stuck in the sand. Thankfully Willie Nelson came out and towed us out from the sand. Thanks again dude.

Directions to Slab City Hot Springs: 10S to 86S. Right on Avenue 50, left on Leoco then right on CA-111S. 53.1 miles to Main street in Niland. Left on Main for 2 miles then turn right between the blue and gray cylinders near the power lines.

Five Palms from Niland: 111S, left on CA-115S. After 14.1 go miles left on CA-115S/CA-78E. After 2.4 miles make a left on CA-78E then 6.8 miles to a dirt road on the right side after the canal and Whitlock Rd. Turn right and drive 1.6 miles to the hot springs.

Holtville Hotsprings from Five Palm: 78W for 6.8 miles to CA-115S, make a left. After 11.7 miles make another left on CA-115S/80S. Then drive 1.4 miles and go right on CA-115/W5th street. Drive 6.6 miles then go left on Evan Hewes Road. Drive 1.1 miles to the parking lot on the right.











  • david
    October 18, 2011 -

    That picture of inside Leanords mountain is a trip!

  • losangelesswimmin
    October 19, 2011 -

    yeah its the photosynth app. kinda the only time i use it is when i want to get a panorama indoors. and this was kinda indoors.

  • Amanda
    May 21, 2012 -

    Love Salton Sea, the Mountain, NIland, Slab…. A couple years back… my friends found a dead body in the hot springs. … it was one wacky fucked up weekend.

  • losangelesswimmin
    May 22, 2012 -

    nice blog. heard about the dead body, freaky.

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